Straight outta Skinzophrenic tattoos, Herefordshire, Zac Mo has been honing his craft for last 3-4 years to become one of the most distinct artists on the UK tat con circuit. We were blown away by his strong and distinct black and red Neo Traditional style that he uses to tackle a range of neo gothica designs. Well proportioned and designed Zac will often tackle a huge leg or arm sleeve over a weekend and absolutely nail it. We love his no compromise approach to design and aesthetic which has seen him win several awards over 2018/2019 and can’t wait to see what he produces in future shows - Just don’t ask him to tattoo the word ‘Jade’ across the top of your penis….or tribal…definitely don’t ask for tribal. Like what you see below? go hit him up and book yourself in!


ZacMo’s signature red flashes tie this piece together perfectly. Lot’s of heavy red adorn the snakes whilst the customers clawed red fingers illustrate how connected they are. We love the tribal markings and white ethereal eyes which are unmistakably ZacMo.


Simple red symbols adorn this fallen Stag. He keeps his majesty with his strong expression and lifted chin, but the red target and highlights around the broken arrows suggest he has lost the fight in this world. The red crown he wears and cross across his face suggested this beautiful creature has ascended. Simple delicate black lines create the strength in the face and at the same time screams ZacMo.

zac mo 01.jpg

A symbolic totem animal beautifully executed by ZacMo wearing a chief native American headdress with horns, along with the white ghostly eyes and red energy streaming from his mouth hints at a creature from another spiritual plane. Zac puts all the depth into the red details whilst keeping the black simple with line work reminiscent of old school lithography.