Gary Johnson aka @thebeardtattoo hails from the Gods Of Ink tattoo studio in Hertfordshire. Having always drawn and appreciated graphic novels and anime from an early age @thebeard’s first taste of tattooing came at the age of 21 after picking up a friends machine - 6 years later and @thebeard’s style has really developed leading his work to look straight outta a comic book with heavy influences from the world of Marvel/DC/Manga/Anime. Although his work often leans into the world of anime/graphic novels he classes himself as an allrounder and will tackle anything he’s presented with. The only exception being a customer who requested that his best mates initials be tattooed on his eyelids with his ashes in the ink. I mean if ever there was a red flag…. We can’t wait to track his work throughout the year and will hopefully be bringing some collaborations to you guys soon!

The colours and the design are MINT AS FOOK! It’s a kinetic piece that is full of energy rounded off with a depth in colour and amazing proportions. You just know he’d kill the Marvel sleeve you’re after ;)

the beard 02.jpg

Here @overdozeuk we are huuuugeeee suckers for DragonBall tattoos and @thebeard absolutely nails it. The line work and shading really make Goku pop out! Want a Dragonball sleeve? @thebeard has gotta be your guy!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 16.36.54.png

What can we say - the colours and design are next level on this piece. This is a prime example of what happens when you let a tattoo artist have the final say on size and design. We just can’t get enough of the overall design of this and how much it evokes the feels of a batman graphic novel!