Build Quality

Nothing grinds our gears more at OverdozeUK than purchasing a new T-shirt only to take it out of its packaging and feel how thin it is after paying £30 for the god dam privilege –its up there with crazy thin toilet paper and the feeling of disappoint/shame when the finger breaks free from its paper protector into dirt valley.

So why do T-shirt companies insist on this? Well it’s largely because they’re cheap af and insist on a polyester/cotton mix. The greater the polyester in the mix the thinner and cheaper the T can be. Here at OverdozeUK we’ll take the Pepsi max challenge on the quality of our T’s. We only sell 100% cotton – this means that if you treat em right – they’ll last a hell of a long time. After my first visit to Thailand I bought several T’s from Overdoze and continued to wear them constantly while travelling the world. This involved a long stint in the outback doing hard graft in 50 degree heat and sun. The T’s 2 years on still have all their integrity and still look the absolute shit! Some T’s being sold out there are so thin they’d be mere aperitifs for the average moth and just don’t hold up well to heavy use or regular washes.

Another benefit of being 100% cotton is that it doesn’t contain plastics. Plastics will truly be the scourge of our generation getting into our food chain to enact untold damage years down the line. When clothing with a polyester mix gets washed, microfibres come off your clothes, get into the washing machine waste water which ultimately gets into the water supply. Once there, studies have demonstrated how it can easily get into our food chain where it slowly accumulates from animal to animal till it gets into the fish we eat. Here at OverdozeUK we say ‘Fuck that noise’ we won’t put profits ahead of the fact we don’t want to add more devastation to our heavily burdened eco-system. If you want to find out more about plastics and the havoc they wreak go here and get some learning in.

So next time you see a rad Overdoze T you wanna get, know that you're buying quality that isn’t compromising the environment.

Peace out rabbit!