A little about our costs. So you’ll notice that our alternative T’s are pretty modest when it comes to their price, especially when compared to similar alternative lifestyle brands. Is that because we don’t believe in their quality? Well the answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding Helllllllll no! We believe that our 100% cotton T’s have an excellent build quality as well some of the most unique, bold, powerful designs out there and that they are unlike anything you’ll find in the UK.

So why the price then? Well, we believe that clothing should always be affordable and within reach of everyone. A lot of brands will overcharge and when it comes to black Friday drop the price massively highlighting just how much they’ve been ripping you off all year. We want to charge a fair price that will ensure everyone can afford one if they like it and that we make enough profits to keep the business viable.

Hopefully you’ll share and appreciate this perspective.

Pease out doggy!