About Overdoze


Welcome to Overdoze UK, a brand brought to you by three people who really fucking hated working for faceless companies. Since you are here, reading the about us section (honestly who does that), I think its safe to assume you want to know 'our story'. 

Like all good stories it started with the exclamation of 'fuck it'  After 3 years of working on a soul-destroying project, I decided that the money I was saving for a house would be much better frittered away on a trip around Asia/Australasia for a couple of years.

My first stop, like nearly every other traveller, was Bangkok, a place where no matter what time of the day or where you are, you will always be in somebodies way. An ever-evolving, 'chaotic as fuck' city, where the Buddhist traditions of Asia smash into more Western proclivities. 


 Being the forward-thinking sort, I had left a good chunk of space in my backpack for the purchase of new clothes after hearing how good the night markets were. However, it wasn't long until Deja vu quickly began to set in after seeing the 100th stall selling the tiger/Chang/Singha beer T-shirts that seem to be a right of passage purchase for everyone passing through Asia. 

As I began to explore more of Bangkok I began to notice local kids from the fastly developing punk/alternative scene wearing T's that had a recognisable style that was absent from the 'same same but different' backpacker traps of Koh San road. These T's took on both western and traditional Buddhist ideas with a distinctly raw Bangkok inspired take....they also looked fuckin rad.

After visiting several of the prominent night markets across Bangkok I stumbled on the JJ Green Night Market, a chilled-out bohemian vibed hangout for locals from the local lo-fi punk, hip-hop, rock scenes. It was here, that I finally found a stall that sold the brand of T I had been looking for, a stall run by a small collective of graff artists under the name of Overdoze. 

Impressed by the designs and quality of the T's I imagined that I probably wouldn't come across them again so promptly bought a metric fuck tonne to keep me in T-shirts for the next year of travelling.

A year disappeared and many places were visited (Fuck Yeah Queenstown NZ!), yet in the back of my head, I kept thinking about how well such a unique brand would do in Britain. With this nagging thought getting louder once I returned to the UK I broached the subject of bringing Overdoze to the UK with my sister Cass, a blue-haired badass with years of experience spent grafting in the fashion industry. 

Together, we got our shit together like Voltron to help bring this unique brand to all of Y'all lucky bastards. Over the next year, we hope to bring new designs and ensure you stay looking rad bringing the best of Bangkok to the UK.